EduTok is a digital video solution on User Generated Video Content which harnesses the power of AR and video effects tools to create sophisticated video content. The content goes through a series of advanced tools of Moderation and Curation.

Platform: Android, iOS


Spotlight is a platform for producing curated live video content. They use their large artist team to do live video streams on the platform and also curate the content for future consumption. It lets Creators live stream content and simultaneously chat with a live audience anytime, anywhere from their mobile devices.

Platform: Android, iOS


YouPicki is a Movies and Shows recommendation platform that personalizes ratings and reviews based on your feedback. It provides a unique list of movies and shows to search and recommend. The user can browse the trending content and rate a movie.

Platform: Android, iOS


TVisually appealing, easy to use with four types of fans, adjustable volume and built in timer Sleep Fan is an innovative lifestyle app that helps many people use fan noise to aid in sleep.

Platform: Android, Web

Bazar Elite

Bazar Elite is a platform which supplies drinks and tobacco. This service will provide customers with the ability to search from their computer or smartphone, place an order, which will be fulfilled. It allows customers to search drinks or tobacco and find it for delivery.

Platform: Android, iOS, Web


KOM-UNITY is a platform for the community/neighbors focusing on sharing and building trust in neighborhood and community. This software allows people to collaborate using GPS and many other software technologies.

Platform: Android, iOS


SAW is an online video solutions company focused on building and operating cutting edge products in the space of social, entertainment and commerce

Platform: Web


OINO presents its users a combination of new and interesting games.Lucko Quiz is a very engaging and number game. Play the ‘Quiz’ and the number selection’ to match with the winning numbers. Both the components are brainstorming to the mind if played with passion and interest. Platform: Android

CX Partners

CX is a leading Private Equity group in the Indian mid-market with a long track record of delivering returns through cycles.

Platform: HTML5


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